St. Marcus Parish Nursing is a wellness-based program.

Parish Nursing provides the following: health education, health counseling, service as a community liaison and mobilizer of volunteers.

This health ministry serves as a support to personal / private health care. Upon pastoral or personal requests, a nurse can make a home health visit. Parish nurses can be reached by contacting the church office at (414) 562-3369. 

Dining Out with Diabetes

This is the third health note with "Healthy Eating Tip" suggestions when eating out. Although it is easy to lump the suggestion with diabetes, each tip can surely be applied to the non-diabetic as well.

When Your Food Arrives

- Try to eat the same portion of food as you would at home. Portions tend to be large; so it may be helpful to divide your food immediately. One half you will eat, the other can serve as a carryout

-Keep your salad dressing on the side so you can dip your fork into the dressing and then spear a piece of salad. Not only does one tend to use less dressing this way, but it tends to slow down the eating. Perhaps you will even enjoy the meal more!

- Although it is good to add a liquid to a meal, especially when dining out people will have a soda with sugar or an alcoholic beverage. There are times that either can add to the pleasure of dining out. Remember though that each will add calories but no nutrients. If counting calories or carbohydrates, the beverages are especially important.

Hopefully the three Health Notes will give you support in choosing healthy when dining out. And with a little planning, you may be able to enjoy leftovers tomorrow.

Linda Golembiewski, your parish nurse, wishes you all the best.

Resource: Cornerstones