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    LIVEIT is first and foremost under the leadership of Jesus. Having forgiven us through His death on the cross and marked us as His at our baptisms, Jesus is the Head of this and every other Christian church. Jesus then calls qualified men and women to serve on his behalf in the life of His churches.

    LIVEIT is one of the church ministries of St Marcus Lutheran Church that exists to connect people to Jesus and others in joyful love and service. LIVEIT is known as a young community of Christians and those seeking to know more about Jesus. It is the place where people can make friends, meet Jesus, and impact our community.

    Pastors are trained, qualified and called men who oversee the faithfulness of the local church in regard to her theology, mission, and the celebration of God's grace in baptism and the Lord's Supper. Pastors at St Marcus have gone through a rigorous process of ordination (Pastor) prior to being installed into leadership roles in Jesus' church.


    LIVEIT is led by a Leadership Team made up of ministry leaders. Members of the Leadership team are qualified men and women who champion the theological faithfulness and ministry concerns of LIVEIT. As a ministry of St. Marcus, our Leadership Team reports to St. Marcus' Board of Directors.


    Members of St. Marcus - LIVEIT are men and women who, feeling compelled by God and after having undergone a time of training and maturing, make a public commitment to live as an integral partner in the mission of LIVEIT. We rely on members to support the ministry and to carry out much of the work required for us to connect others to Christ. In turn, the leadership of LIVEIT aims to love and serve her members well.