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    There are things in life we can't explain. Things that one must experience to fully grasp the beauty, the grandeur, the unexplainable.  

    When a guy named Philip tried to share with his buddy that he thought he'd found the son of God; his friend was a bit skeptical. And who of us hasn't had doubts? Finally, after the objections Philip said, "Come See!" You come! You see for yourself if he really is who he says he is. 

    LIVEIT exists to help you see Jesus.  

    The hardest part of any journey is figuring out what the next steps are.  For Philip's friend it was to come and see Jesus, to interact and see for himself that Jesus, was in fact who he said he was.  Below are a few steps to help you Come and See. 

    Next steps to consider

    When Jesus called disciples he said, "Come follow me!"  He never told them where they were going or what the journey would look like, he just said "Come" and within short order they not only were followers but were also being sent by Jesus to tell others to "Come and See."