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    It's about receiving the forgiveness Jesus has won for us on the cross and then growing more and more into the likeness of Jesus--all in the context of the loving, extended family of your local church. 

    Jesus’ disciples were ordinary men and women who left everything to ‘follow Jesus’ (Mark 1:18). Being a disciple is ‘to follow’. As we follow Jesus personally, we show our commitment to discipleship which is ultimately, development. We are committed to being disciples of Jesus, while encouraging others to disciple towards maturity in Christ.

    Below are a series of steps we have outlined that followers of Jesus should consider:


    We baptize all ages, from infants to elderly. All of us, regardless of age, are broken by sin and unable to save ourselves. Baptism is the means by which God mysteriously and officially connects us to the forgiveness of Jesus and marks us a member of His family.

    Your journey with Jesus…begins in baptism.

    We celebrate baptisms, as necessary.


    The foundation of our LIVEIT mission is built on serving – working together as a community to make change happen in each of the communities we touch. Jesus spends time with his disciples teaching, but then he sends them out to serve, to share, and to grow.  

    An essential part of our faith life is living out the love of our Savior as we love and serve one another.  Jesus doesn't call us to be pew sitters, but to be ones who are alive and active with the work he has created for us to do. (Ephesians 2.1-10). 

    We've also found at LIVEIT that serving together is the primary way relationships are developed and participants feel gratified with life-changing experiences. (Ephesians 4.12-13)

    Serving is open to all and we encourage everyone to find one place of service within the church. To take part in service outside of the church, view our Community Groups and volunteer opportunities.


    At LIVEIT, "membership" is really about ownership. It's about making a public commitment to embrace the theology, vision, and mission of LIVEIT. Owners make a commitment to leverage the best of their time, talent and treasure to help move the mission of the church forward, living on the front lines of loving Jesus and serving others in Milwaukee.  LIVEIT is a ministry of St Marcus and therefore those seeking ownership become members of St Marcus Lutheran Church. Those seeking membership are encouraged to contact one of the pastors to determine the best way to proceed.