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    We are approachable in our nature and meaningful in our substance. You'll discover LIVEIT to be an experience that makes you laugh, while challenging you to grow. As a guest, you will be welcomed warmly and assisted with anything you need. Arrive early and stay late, enjoy camaraderie and good conversation.

    Every service, every event - you can always expect:

    A friendly and diverse experience: Whether you attend a Sunday service, event or community outreach gathering, you will find the life-changing presence of God and will be welcomed to become a part of our faith-filled community.

    Passionate Worship: Our worship services are non-traditional in purpose and uplifting in character. You’ll experience powerful messages and inspiring music provided by Koine or SALT. We encourage you to bring your struggles and lay them down at the foot of the cross and hear your Savior say, "I've got you. You are Forgiven!" 

    New Relationships: It is nearly impossible to attend a LIVEIT service without developing new or growing existing relationships. Whether you are a college student, young professional, newly married or single parent, all are welcomed and accepted.

    Generosity: God gives to us so He can give through us. As you give both faithfully and sacrificially, His mission advances, lives are touched, & our community is strengthened. Learn about the many ways you can worship him by giving financially and through service.

    Learning Opportunities: From community groups and adult discipleship, volunteer opportunities and community outreach, LIVEIT connects you with others, presents opportunities to build new relationships, and ultimately, helps you live a purposeful life.