In-Person Worship Update

Posted by Church Communications Team on May 29, 2020 12:35:10 PM

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Brothers and Sisters in Christ at St. Marcus Church,

I’ve been so grateful to continue worshipping with you, even remotely, for the past couple months! God made a way. He always does.

And yet, like many of you, I’ve been longing to resume in-person worship. From the beginning, we’ve stated that there are many issues to wrestle with here. The 3rd Commandment encourages regular congregational gathering. The 4th Commandment encourages us to respect our governing authorities. The 5th Commandment encourages us to protect human physical welfare. Furthermore, as different congregations around the state handle the COVID-19 crisis differently, I’m reminded that the 9th & 10th Commandments encourage us not to envy the situations of others, and the 8th Commandment encourages us to speak well of others and interpret their words and actions in the kindest possible way. That’s just a sliver of how the Bible guides us at this time. It’s a lot.

But there are many factors that are pointing towards us considering resuming in-person worship soon. One of the most important factors certainly is the feedback you readily provided in the survey sent out last week.

Approximately 80% of congregation members who responded indicated that, under the right circumstances (namely, proper sanitation), they were interested in resuming in-person worship in June.

A great deal of research (webinars, articles, and phone calls) has gone into prepping us to resume in-person worship in a safe and prudent manner. This proposal is being presented to our Board of Directors this week, with the hope of potentially resuming in-person worship as early as June 6th. We will not be resuming in-person worship without approval from your congregational officials, the Board of Directors. Also, we will continue to seek the direction of our governing authorities on the matter.

If the decision is made to resume in-person worship, there will be very clear, but simple, guidelines communicated in next week’s communications. 

I miss you all terribly and am excited to see you again soon!

Continued prayers.

In Christ, 

James Hein, Lead Pastor