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Community engagement efforts at St. Marcus seek to mobilize parents to lead as advocates for access to high-quality schools for all children and families in the city of Milwaukee.

How are we making this happen?

  1. Educating ourselves on the issues to advocate for Milwaukee’s children.
  2. Fighting for the expansion of high-quality schools for ALL children in Milwaukee.
  3. Identifying people that want to get involved and training them as leaders.
  4. Planning events or connecting to existing events to connect, plan and act together.
  5. Connecting with local schools, churches and other religious organizations.
  6. Identifying and meeting with community organizing groups for partnership opportunities.  
  7. Defining and implementing communication pathways to stay connected and drive momentum.

SCHOOL PARENTS are training to work with a core team of parents from their own neighborhood to advocate for high-quality education, safety, and resources for parents and children.

Ways to Plug In           

Keya Shumpert Connect with St. Marcus' Community Engagement Coordinator, Keya Shumpert at | (414) 507-3983

Pray for these efforts

Join our group

Attend an upcoming meeting or training session

Be a Parent to Parent Mentor

Be a Parent to Youth Mentor

Assist in setting up meetings

Help facilitate meetings

Get involved in an organization that positively impacts youth

Assist a community service project for youth

Start a safety walk in your neighborhood

Be a part of creating permanent change by advocating for high-quality education for ALL children in the city of Milwaukee.