New Holy Communion Offering

Posted by Church Communications Team on Jul 21, 2020 2:04:15 PM

Dear St. Marcus members,
As you know, St. Marcus has cautiously opened up Saturday and Sunday worship in the sanctuary, making sure that our attendance does not exceed 25% of capacity. People have been very cooperative in seating themselves with social distancing in mind. We are back to our usual Communion schedule.

But the majority of our members are not ready to come back yet. And while they can participate in online worship, Holy Communion has not been possible.
Your pastors know about this need and care about shoring up the spiritual strength of our members. Here’s the plan for Holy Communion outside of regular worship:
  • We will offer individualized tiny group Communions in our sanctuary. The whole experience should take about ten minutes.
  • These mini-experiences will take place each Wednesday, continuously from 4:00-7:00 pm
  • They will be offered on the quarter hour, every 15 minutes.
  • They will include a mini-devotion from me.
  • We will do a five-week trial run to see if our members are interested, beginning July 29.
  • Only individual cups will be used. Masks required in the building. Social distancing will be observed.
  • Enter through the main wooden church doors and depart via the café door
The other pastors and I invite your comment and beg for your prayers as we implore God to bring this COVID time to an end.
Pastor Mark Jeske