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COVID Response

2022-2023 Covid Policy for Students

COVID Onsite Testing

This program is optional. No child will be tested without parental permission. In order for a student to be tested, parents must do THREE things:

  • Sign and return the paper consent forms that were sent home. Paper forms are available at all offices, and (soon) in download and printable forms. Sign and return to teachers.
  • Follow this link and fill out the COVID Connect test registration website. If you need help with this, please reach out to your child’s dean or director.
  • Give verbal or TEXT permission for your child to be tested. Once steps one and two have been completed and testing has started, you will be able to text the nurse to request a test. When the test is scheduled you will be able to inform the nurse if you or a family member wants to be present. We will provide the contact information once testing has started.

We have requested that testing will be available starting Monday, August 15th from 3pm-4pm in the nurse’s office at the Main Campus. Please enter through Door #11 on the right hand side of the small parking lot on the Garfield Ave. side of the Main Campus. At this time we are awaiting confirmation from our testing partners for the times and the date testing will begin. This school year the testing is available for students and staff only. 

Will children ever be tested without parent permission?
No, forms must be filled out and parents will need to give verbal or text permission before a test will take place.

Is there a cost for the test?
No, the test is free.

Do parents have to be present when the test takes place?
No, you may have another trusted adult with the child for the testing. This is the parents’ decision. Communicate your expectations to the nurse at the time of scheduling. Every time you test you must fill out a new Covid Connect form for every child being tested.

Do we need an appointment for the test?
No. Once the testing has started you will be able to just show up during testing times.

Can parents and other family members also get tested?
No. Unfortunately the free service that is being provided is only available for students and staff.


COVID-19 Helpful Links

COVID-19 Resources

  • Community Advocates 
  • Spectrum Internet
    Our Student Remote Educational Offer is an offer provided by our sales team at 1-855-243-8892 to households that do not already have Spectrum internet services. It provides free internet for 60 days. The Household must also include one or more K-12 or College students. Eligible households can contact us at 1-844-488-8395 and visit our website.