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Equal Funding for all children

Nearly half of students in Milwaukee attend independent charter or private schools (like St. Marcus) that participate in the voucher (Milwaukee Parental Choice) program. These schools receive thousands less per student in funding from the state than public schools.

Watch this short video for an overview. 

In the state of Wisconsin, there is currently a surplus of almost $7 billion within our state government. Together, we have an unprecedented opportunity to advocate within the state budget process to move toward closing the funding gap between schools in the parental choice program and traditional public schools and increasing funding for special education students from 30% to 50%. Achieving a meaningful increase in the voucher amount would be a game-changer for St. Marcus and your scholars.

Phase 2 Action Step by June 1
As part of Phase 2 of this campaign, the next step is to email the elected officials who directly represent you by June 1. 

You can use the form below to easily find your representative and use the email template to let your voice be heard. Once you fill out your personal information, make sure to:

  1. Customize the subject line
  2. Personalize the email content to share why equal funding is important to you

Email your representative now 

Email or text Maureen Gunn with questions and how you can get further involved: maureen.gunn@stmarcus.org414-232-4091

Join a united community and make real change for St. Marcus scholars by closing the per-pupil funding gap and creating equal funding for all children.

This is a pivotal moment for the future of education in Milwaukee, and we can accomplish so much more together than any one of us can alone. Thank you for your involvement!