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The STRONG START program is for NEW students in grades K4-2 and is designed to accomplish three goals:

1. Support parents of young children in becoming the most important teacher of their children.
2. Equip parents of new students in grades K4-2 to get their children at grade level by the start of school.

3. Support new school parents as they are welcomed in to the St. Marcus family.

Parents of new students in grades K4-2 are automatically enrolled in the program and receive a personal coach to guide them through the STRONG START program.

Parents of current students are welcome to use the resources of the STRONG START program to support the summer learning of their children. The resources are free and available here!

Overview of the Program:

Over the course of the summer, new students work their way through the four levels of the program.  Students may go beyond their grade level if they choose.
• Incoming K4 students - complete YELLOW level.

• Incoming K5 students - complete YELLOW and ORANGE levels.

• Incoming 1st grade students - complete YELLOW, ORANGE, and GREEN levels.

• Incoming 2nd grade students - complete YELLOW, ORANGE, GREEN and PURPLE levels.

The links below provide access to the materials for each level. The materials include the goals for each level, a video with tips on how to teach each goal, and instructions on how to submit the students’ work. Please note that only new students should submit work using Flipgrid.

If you are a new parent and you have questions about the program, please reach out to your STRONG START coach.

Program Resources:
STRONG START Overview - Start Here!
STRONG START Goals Level 2 - ORANGE - will be posted by 4/28
STRONG START Goals Level 3 - GREEN - will be posted by 5/3
STRONG START Goals Level 4 - PURPLE - will be posted by 5/10