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8:00am with Pastor Mark Jeske 
10:30am with Pastor Mark Jeske - Time of Grace
2:00pm Gospel Worship of Hope with Pastor Paul Steinberg 
5:30pm Sunday Evening Worship with Pastor Kelly Huet & Koiné

Pastor Huet, Pastor Steinberg, Pastor Jeske, Pastor Grunewald, Pastor Schaefer


St. Marcus is holding our annual Juneteenth Day Worship on Sunday, June 21, 2015. Weather-permitting, we will hold 10:30 worship service outdoors on the North Avenue parking lot.* We extend an extra special invitation at this time every year to the neighborhood, the community, the families of St. Marcus Lutheran School, our relatives and all friends to join in the celebration! This year we will also acknowledge Father’s Day at Juneteenth. There will be music by the gospel choir, a message from Pastor Mark Jeske, chicken or rib dinner plates for $10 each and free hotdog plates for kids (for advanced ticket sales, please see Nell in the church office nell.speerschneider@stmarcus.org or 414-391-8321).


*8 am, 2 pm and 5:30 pm services will offer touches of the same celebration in our sanctuary but will not be identical to that of the 10:30 worship service


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