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Discover America
is a learning experience that extends beyond the borders of our Milwaukee campuses. 

5th grade learns about Midwestern industries and environments as they explore Wisconsin. 6th grade travels west to South Dakota and discovers the Badlands and Mount Rushmore. 7th grade engages with culture and climate as they learn about the Southwest and Arizona’s indigenous populations. 8th grade dives into the past in a southeastern Civil Rights experience, witnessing the work of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and other great Americans and activists. 

Students commit to these journeys and earn a place as travelers by demonstrating strong character and responsibility in and out of the classroom. Once accepted on the trip, they spread the love of Jesus, embrace opportunities to experience history and nature, tour colleges, challenge themselves physically and mentally, and return from their travels with a renewed sense of self and purpose. The Discover America experience instills in students a cultural awareness and spiritual urgency beyond the reach of classroom learning, both of which motivate students to see learning and service as lifelong endeavors.

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Receiving an Invitation

The general requirement for receiving an invitation to travel is averaging 75 Passport Points per quarter, for a total of 300 Passport Points. Some grades may have additional requirements (such as an application) based on the number of scholars who qualify for and are interested in traveling. Invitations will go out to students in March. Invitations will include information about the itinerary, upcoming parent meetings, and necessary forms for reserving your scholar’s seat on the trip.

Some students may receive a contingent invitation (this will be noted on the invitation). Students who receive this type of invitation will be required to meet specific criteria for areas of growth to attend the trip. Students and families can expect weekly communication updating progress made. Students who meet the criteria will be invited to attend the trip. Students who do not meet the criteria will be subject to losing the invitation. All students, regardless of invitation status, will be expected to attend all boot camps and meet all financial deadlines. *Declined invitations will be refunded the deposit amount.

Parent Forms for Invited Scholars

To reserve a spot on the trip, scholars must submit a $50 deposit and complete the Medical Form and Liability Release Form. This should be completed by Friday, March 22nd. Final Payments are due one month prior to departure, on Tuesday, April 30th.

Deposit & Final Payment

A $50 deposit is required to reserve a seat on the trip. To travel, fifth and sixth-grade scholars pay a total $275 and seventh and eighth-grade students pay a total of $350.
Payments can be made here.

Medical Form

Each trip will have a dedicated chaperone responsible for any medical issues during the trip. As a courtesy to our scholars, we offer the following stock (over-the-counter) medications: Advil (ibuprofen), Tylenol (acetaminophen), Claritin (loratidine), Zyrtec (ceterizine), Benadryl (diphenhydramine), and Tums. 

These medications are in tablet form only.  The parent/guardian must provide chewable or liquid medication if your scholar is unable to swallow tablets. (If there is an issue obtaining these, please speak with Nurse Katie Before 5/21/24.) 

If your scholar has a prescription medication, you will need to submit the following:

1. The Original Container--Prescription medication must have the pharmacy label and accurately reflect medication dose and times as ordered by physician. 

2. Written Parent Permission for all prescription and non-prescription medications including dose (see parent page or health office for permission form).

3. Written Order from Physician for prescription medication (if not already on file with school).

The parent/guardian is responsible for delivering the medication and consent forms to the school by 5/21/24. Please send ONLY the amount of medication needed for the trip (exceptions for inhalers, ointments, eye drops, etc.

Liability & Release Form

Please fill out the form here.

Getting Ready for Discover America

Dates to add to your calendar:

March 4-8: Students Receive Invitations
March 14: Mandatory Parent Meeting (Option 1)
March 19: Mandatory Parent Meeting (Option 2)
March 22: RSVPs Due (including $50 Deposit, Medical Form, and Liability Release Waiver) 
April-May: Students Participate in Bootcamps to Prepare for the Trips
April 30: Final Payments are Due
May 21: Any Student Medications for the Trip Should be Turned in to Nurse Katie
Late May: Second Parent Meeting (This will be coordinated by individual grade levels)
May 30: All Grades Depart for Discover America!
June 2: 5th Grade Returns
June 3: 6th & 7th Grade Return
June 4: 8th Grade Returns

The Mandatory Parent Meetings will be after students receive their invitations, but before RSVPs are due. That meeting will give parents a clear understanding of the details and expectations for trips and a chance to meet the chaperones who will be on the trip. At the meeting, parents will also have the opportunity to submit the deposit and fill out the forms to reserve their scholar’s seat on the trip. If you are unable to attend either meeting, please reach out to your trip lead.


Each trip will have five to six staff chaperones, including a trip lead. If you have specific questions about the trip, please connect with the lead chaperone.

5th Grade Lead Chaperone: Jordyn Jurss
6th Grade Lead Chaperone: Aidan Gregorius
7th Grade Lead Chaperones: Alli Becker and Rebecca Balge
8th Grade Lead Chaperone: Anna Vomhof

Packing Lists

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