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Counseling Department

The Counseling Department at St. Marcus Lutheran School provides services to students and their families at all grade levels. Counseling services may be able to be provided during the school day to students who are identified by a staff member and/or parent as one in need of these services. Students can also self-refer to receive counseling services. Counseling services may include, but are not limited to, individual counseling, group counseling, classroom lessons, and communication with necessary staff, parents, and/or community service agencies. The Counseling Department will focus on student academic and social/behavioral/emotional needs. Such areas in which the Counseling Department may assist the students include, but are not limited to: family changes, developing organizational skills, work habits and problem solving techniques, improving self-concept, developing appropriate social skills, and understanding emotional growth. As a parent / guardian, you have the right to examine the materials used by the Counseling Department and to ask questions about your child and their progress.

If you would like to refer a scholar to the counseling department, please fill out a Parent/Guardian Referral Form.


Counseling Mission Statement
The St. Marcus Counseling Program advocates for all students to maximize their
potential through social, academic, vocational, and personal development.


The Student Support Coordinator works collaboratively with students, teachers, administrators, parents/guardians, and other counselors to provide a successful learning environment for all St. Marcus scholars. The Student Services Coordinator may also provide the necessary community resources to the student and their family to help them be successful.

St. Marcus has been blessed to partner with Christian Family Counseling to provide additional individual and group counseling services to St. Marcus students and their families. These counselors will be on-site at St. Marcus during specific school days. If you are interested in these services, please contact the Student Support Coordinator for more information and availability.

To better meet the needs of our expanding student population, the Counseling Department welcomes students who need an internship placement. These students will be overseen by an on-site counseling supervisor and a professor from their respective schools. Please contact the Student Support Coordinator if you have any questions about student internships in the Counseling Department.

Contact Information:
Marianne Beyersdorf
School-based Therapist and Student Support Coordinator
Phone: 262-349-3733
Office: B105 | Main Campus Middle School