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Adopt a Classroom Initiative 

What is Adopt a Classroom?
It’s a special opportunity for a group of individuals to collectively support an entire classroom of St. Marcus scholars with a personal investment of $2,500 each.

With approximately 30 students in a classroom, investments of $2,500 from 30 individual supporters will fund a year of education for an entire classroom of scholars!

Why $2,500?
$2,500 represents the gap between state funding and the actual cost to educate one St. Marcus scholar per year. Fulfilling that gap ensures that every student receives the highest levels of academic instruction; access to technologies, tools, and resources for digital learning; and crucial enrichment through arts and physical education, athletics, field trips, and more. The $2,500 commitment can be fulfilled in a single payment OR monthly installments - it’s up to you!

What do classroom partners receive?
As a classroom partner, you’ll follow these scholars through their school year, witnessing how your generosity directly impacts them. You’ll receive:

  • Personal pen pal correspondence from individual classroom scholars
  • Invitations to visit the classroom twice a year
  • An invitation to a mid-year Virtual Event
  • E-Newsletters on classroom happenings and other learning highlights that YOU are making possible!

The 2023-2024 St. Marcus school year is starting soon, and we are excited to launch this year’s Adopt a Classroom program!


Ready to help scholars SOAR?
Join Adopt a Classroom in 2 Steps!




Reach out to Regan Parbs at: or 414-562-3163 ext. 7553.