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Immunization Policy

Immunization Requirements

St. Marcus school requires parents to bring a current immunization record before the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL at K3, K4, K5, and 6th grade, or if the student is new. The immunization record will need to be produced during February enrollment each school year. As of January 2016, if the school is under 99% compliance with this law, Wisconsin requires non-compliant children to be excluded from school.  A child who is in 6th grade or older and does not have up to date immunizations or filled out a waiver is denied the privilege of going on any field trips or participating in any extra-curricular activities including sports, choirs, etc. until the required immunizations are complete.

The school nurse checks every student’s immunization records and does mandatory reporting to the Milwaukee Health Department if students are behind. Our goal is that every student be fully immunized against preventable and life-threatening diseases as recommended by the CDC.