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Colorful student art adorns the walls. Singing voices and dancing bodies light up classrooms and student assemblies. There is joy.

All students, even four-year-olds, walk in straight, silent lines through the hallways. All students are in uniform. All students are held accountable to high standards. Eager hands shoot up in response to teachers’ prompts. There is discipline.

A “No Excuses Philosophy” means teachers take extreme measures to train children in Christian excellence in the classroom and beyond. There is dedication.

“I AM THIRD” is a pervasive mantra seen throughout the building. It summarizes a culture where students and teachers put the needs of others before their own. God is first. Others are second. I am third.

With more than a decade of proven success for fostering college-bound students with virtuous, Christian character, St. Marcus students perform at the highest levels in the city of Milwaukee. The earlier St. Marcus reaches students and the longer they are at St. Marcus, the more rapidly they experience success.

The school’s curriculum is not for the faint of heart. Programs consist of an intense academic curriculum that emphasizes faith, character, values and strength. Students and parents must be prepared for long hours of hard work during school and at home.

The result? Students who graduate from St. Marcus are ready for academic and spiritual success in high school and beyond.