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St. Marcus Lutheran School

St. Marcus School is the education ministry of St. Marcus Ministries. It serves approximately 1,180 students across three campuses: K4 through 8th grade at its North Avenue Campus on Palmer Street, K3 through 8th grade at its Center Street Campus on Richards Street, and K4 through 4th grade at its Burleigh Street Campus on Burleigh Street.

St. Marcus’ vision is to be the best, urban Christian school in America. Through expansion, partnership and collaboration, St. Marcus is boldly committed to pursuing opportunities to serve as a catalyst for school reform and community-wide transformation. Working to ensure that every family has access to high-quality education in the city of Milwaukee.

Students, parents and teachers sign a covenant in which they commit to "do everything in their power to ensure academic success." St. Marcus believes there is no excuse for failure, and through Christ, nothing is impossible. The mantra I AM THIRD pervades the halls and classrooms. It summarizes the belief that students and teachers put the needs of others before their own, serving the Lord first, others second and themselves last.

St. Marcus believes students who enter the school can and will earn the right to post-secondary education. The school’s philosophical and practical approaches to education make this possible.

For example, students:

  • Attend study halls that begin as early as 6:30 am and receive after school support and programming.
  • Can call their teachers day or night, whenever they face obstacles in their academic success.
  • Attend Summer School.
  • Are exposed to college in the classroom to identify with becoming college students. College tours are woven into the curriculum. They help answer questions like: Where are we going? Why are we working so hard? To what will it all lead? How can I make a difference?

A No-Excuses Philosophy drives the extreme measures teachers take to train children in Christian excellence.

Academic Achievements

  • 91% average daily attendance rate
  • 89% student return rate
  • 87% high school graduation rate
  • 28% of each high school class completes college

Pillars of character are integrated into everyday curriculum in the primary and middle school grades. These include focusing on characters of


St. Marcus is a school of choice. The vast majority (96%) of students attend St. Marcus through the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program.
 Through the MPCP, regardless of income, Milwaukee parents have the unique privilege of choosing the best school, public or private, for their children. By signing the St. Marcus School Covenant at the beginning of each year, all members of the St. Marcus School community indicate they are committed to the program and they have chosen to participate.

Being a Christian, College Preparatory, Choice school has enabled St. Marcus to achieve remarkable success no matter what it takes.