Discipleship is about life change.

Jesus’ disciples were ordinary men and women who left everything to ‘follow Jesus’ (Mark 1:18). Being a disciple is ‘to follow’. As we follow Jesus personally, we show our commitment to discipleship, which is ultimately, development. We are committed to being disciples of Jesus, while encouraging others to disciple towards maturity in Christ.

Below are a series of steps we have outlined that followers of Jesus should consider:

We baptize all ages, from infants to elderly. All of us, regardless of age, are broken by sin and unable to save ourselves. Baptism is the means by which God’s Word connects us to the forgiveness of Jesus and marks us a member of His family.

Your journey with Jesus…begins in baptism.
We celebrate baptism upon request. If you or someone you love seek to be baptized, contact church.office@stmarcus.org.

Our congregation works together as a community to make change happen in each of the lives and neighborhoods we touch. This is a wide-reaching mission and it requires the work of all of us to make an impact.

Serving is instrumental to developing relationships with others and experiencing gratification. We have multiple opportunities for you to connect through service. Visit our volunteer page for a few ideas.

Serving is open to all and we encourage everyone to find a place to plug in.

Bible Study
St. Marcus encourages members to engage in a small group study. A variety of dates, times and locations are available to make attending possible. Visit our growth groups page for current studies.

Membership allows an individual to make a public commitment to embrace the theology, vision, and mission of St. Marcus Lutheran Church. Members invest their time, talent and resources to help move the mission of the church forward, sharing their love for Jesus and serving others in our community. Those seeking membership are encouraged to fill out our Connect Card.