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Primary School


Scholars in grades first through fourth make up the primary school student body. Each classroom is guided by a lead and support teacher. Walk down a hallway and into a classroom in the primary grades and you will feel part of a family. Rooted in the Word of God and Pillars of Character (as shown above), students strive toward college readiness. Each classroom in the primary school represents a college or university. Morning assemblies on Mondays and Fridays bring “family fun”! Scholars join the assembly waving their classroom “college” flag. College chants, facts and Jesus are shared. The Primary school pledge, devotions and dance parties start the day with faith, purpose, joy and energy.

The enriching “family time” continues at the end of each day with team and culture building exercises and games.

Primary Grades Pledge

I am somebody.
I am a child of God.
The me I see is the me I’ll be.
I will succeed.

I am in school to learn.
I will follow the directions of my teachers.
I will respect my school family.
I am in school to learn.

We raise our hands to speak.
We work quietly at our seats.
We use voices soft and sweet.
We keep our places tidy and neat.
We are helpful, friendly and fair.
We take turns and are willingly to share.

I make mistakes so I can learn.
I learn so I can succeed.
I succeed so I can help others.

I pledge to show my respect
By listening to others,
Using my hands for helping,
Caring about others feelings,
And being responsible for what I say and do.


St. Marcus’ primary grade scholars are prepared for the rigorous curriculum that guides them through middle school, high school and future success.