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School Ministry

School Ministry begins in the classroom. Not a typical 20-minute daily Bible study, but a values‐based curriculum that is “Christ‐First” and woven into everything St. Marcus School does.

The opportunities are endless to share the love of Jesus with students, friends and family.  It starts in the classroom and branches out. The St. Marcus School Ministry team reaches out to all families, focusing on those that are new to St. Marcus.  Every family is contacted, a relationship is built and families are invited and encouraged to join Bible studies or worship opportunities. The team spiritually trains staff to extend the reach of the ministry beyond the classroom.  In essence, to be the “eyes and ears of Jesus.  These efforts also branch out to the community and specifically to area high schools where St. Marcus alumni attend.     

Opportunities to share the ministry of St. Marcus with school families, their friends and the surrounding community is tremendous. The school ministry team works with school families focusing on “whole person health” by providing resources and a safe, trusting place for families in spiritual and physical need. 

The ministry team exists to disciple school families for Christ now and for eternity.

Meet the Ministry Team:


Daniel Leyrer, Pastor of Outreach

Contact Pastor Leyrer at or 414-416-6701.

Coach Lance Meyer

Lance Meyer, Alumni Minister & Athletic Ministry Director

Lance is all about Jesus and sports - in that order.  He encourages and reaches out to St. Marcus alumni by visiting them at their high schools and arranging activities for them. He is St. Marcus’ athletic director and keeps the student athletes and coaches busy and doing everything for God’s glory.  His wife, Carrie, is a teacher at St. Lucas Lutheran School. On Sundays, he runs Good Word/Good Run.  Contact him to volunteer in St. Marcus sports program or to find out how teens can stay connected to Jesus: or 414-416-6701.