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Alumni Features:

St. Marcus School alumni continue to outperform their peers throughout the city of Milwaukee in terms of high school graduation and enrollment in post-secondary education. A sampling of recent alumni news includes: 

  • Jeffery Brown (2006) graduated from UW-Milwaukee in December 2014. Degree in architecture and urban planning. Working at Rinka Chung Architecture and assisting with the design of the North Campus build-out.
  • Elizabeth Jeske (2006) graduated from Martin Luther College in May 2015 and will serve as a missionary in Russia.
  • Maricin Owens (2007) graduated from Marquette University in May 2015. Degree in social welfare and justice, minor in political science.
  • Jade Brown (2007) graduated from Marquette University in May 2015. Degree in Sociology.
  • Carte’cia Lawrence (2007) graduated from UW-Madison in May 2015. Double major in legal and African-American studies. Working with Teach for America.
  • Michaiah Hinds (2006) graduated from Tennessee State University in May 2015 with a degree in Computer Science & Mass Communications, also serving as a youth pastor...will continue pursuit of graduate degree in Divinity.
  • Zsaena Venable (2008) & Zsavoir Hodnett (2010) Serving in the US Navy.
  • Brett Raymond (2010) started as our first freshman at MSOE in Fall 2014 in decades.


Jeffery Brown

Maricin Owens

Joquori Brown