Choice Program

Step 1: Complete and submit a Skyward registration form online.

Step 2: Gather all required documents.

  • Current immunizations records (all new students and returning students entering K4, K5 and 6th grades)
  • Original birth certificate (if new to St. Marcus)
  • Income verification (if new to the Choice program)
  • Residency verification (all students) 
  • Guardianship legal documents if you are not the child’s parent

Step 3: CHOICE Application

Since you are eligible for a choice seat, click on this choice application link. Once submitted, you will receive an email from, which will state what documents are required to complete the choice application. 

All applicants are required to annually provide acceptable proof of residency (St. Marcus recommends a WE Energies bill. This bill must be dated within the past three months through the end of the current enrollment period).

For proof of income there are two options. The DOR method or the DPI method. If you filed taxes the previous year, use the DOR method and the income will be verified through the application process. No further documentation is required. If you use the DPI method, you will have to email proof of income as requested in your DPI email.

Step 4: Email documents to

If you are required to show an original birth certificate, please set up an appointment to bring it to St. Marcus.

This appointment will only take a few minutes. Bring the required original birth certificate to door #15 of the Main Campus (2210 N. 1st St). Door #15 is just down the street near the corner of Garfield Ave and 1st St. Please note that this must be done before the open enrollment period ends or your application is not complete and cannot be accepted.


Confirmation -- St. Marcus sends letters within 60 days of the end of the enrollment period. This letter will tell you the status of the child (received a seat or number on the waiting list).
Questions/Information Changes -- If you have questions, please ask. If your contact information changes (email, phone, address, or guardians), please tell us. Contact the enrollment coordinator at 414-267-8381 or email with the contact changes.