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Returning Students Voucher Program (MPCP Enrollment)

There are three parts to completing the re-enrollment process. All three must be completed to re-enroll.

PART 1: Complete your St. Marcus Skyward registration for the 2021-2022 school year. CLICK HERE to go to Skyward.

  • This is your entry into the St. Marcus database.
  • After completing SIX steps in your Skyward registration, you will continue with Part 2 on this website.
  • You MUST click the orange button at the bottom of each STEP in Skyward to complete the step.

PART 2: Apply for an MPCP voucher through the Department of Public Instruction (DPI). CLICK HERE. The application is only available the 1st-20th of each month.

PART 3: Submit these required documents to St. Marcus via email at

  • Residency verification
    • Submit between the 1st-20th of each month
    • CLICK HERE for acceptable proof of residency documents
  • Income verification (NOT necessary if your scholar is enrolled and has a voucher.)
    • Submit between the 1st-20th of each month
    • CLICK HERE for details
  • The school nurse will provide immunization records for all returning students in K4, K5 and 6th.
You will receive email confirmation when your application is complete. You will receive an acceptance and campus placement letter within 60 days of the end of the enrollment period.

Questions? If you need support at any time, please email