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Returning Students Tuition Program Enrollment
Enrollment for the '24-25 school year will be open May 1-20, 2024. 

There are TWO PARTS to completing the returning student enrollment process. All parts must be finished to complete the enrollment process.

PART 1: Complete the St. Marcus Skyward Registration Form. CLICK HERE.

  • Need help? Watch the Skyward Returning Student Registration Form Instructional Video.
  • Have a NEW student additionally enrolling in St. Marcus? Click the “New Student Online Enrollment” button in the top left-hand corner of your account main page to complete their form and add them to your St. Marcus application.

PART 2: Tuition Payment Plan

  • Download a copy of the tuition payment plan or pick one up from the enrollment office at the Main Campus (2210 N 1st St, Door #17).
  • Complete and sign the tuition payment plan form. Then, email it to
  • The payment plan must be signed, dated, and returned to St. Marcus before your application is considered complete.
  • To find out what your tuition rate is, email

ADDITIONAL STEP FOR NEW STUDENTS ONLY: Bring in the Original Birth Certificate for each child.

  • Original copy of birth certificate(s) – show in-person (schedule appointment below)
    • Must be shown in-person to an administrative associate in the enrollment office at the Main Campus (2210 N 1st St, Door #17) to verify authenticity.
    • CLICK HERE to schedule your in-person appointment during office hours.

You will receive an email confirmation when your application is complete. You'll also receive an enrollment letter notifying you of any waiting list or campus placements within 60 days following the end of the enrollment period.

Questions? Reach out to the Enrollment Team!