St. Marcus Ministries is committed to fostering a healthier community through camaraderie, education, spiritual guidance and meeting basic needs.

We celebrate the opportunity to provide help, hope and healing.

Food Pantry:

The Food Pantry is a program designed to help individuals in need within the St. Marcus family and immediate neighborhoods by offering free food and clothing. The Food Pantry is staffed by volunteers and is open on Monday mornings from 8:30 am – 11:30 am.

Each grocery bag is packed with non-perishable items that provide families with basic foods for two or three meals. During a typical month, the food pantry serves around 200 clients.

This strong Ministry relies on prayers, nonperishable food and monetary donations to conduct supportive outreach to the community surrounding St. Marcus. The food pantry accepts donations year-round. ALL support is much appreciated. For more information or to make a donation, please contact the church office at (414) 562-3369 or donate here.

Parish Nursing:

The Parish Nursing ministry at St. Marcus Church and School is a wellness-based program providing health education, health counseling, service as a community liaison and mobilizer of volunteers.

This health ministry serves as a support to personal / private health care. Upon pastoral or personal requests, a nurse can make a home health visit. Parish nurses can be reached by contacting the church office at (414) 562-3369. Check back often for your health note of the month!

February Prevention:  Health Note

The best way to have optimal health is to prevent illness. The month of February focuses on heart health and tooth health, and there is a connection between the two!
Heart health, simply stated, is dependent on the heart to pump the blood through the vessels throughout the body. However, sometimes the vessels become "clogged" with a build-up of plaque.  Science now tells us this plaque within the vessels is the same plaque that is on our teeth. Hence, regular dental visits with regular exams and "scrapings:" or cleanings can prevent a plaque build-up in the body!
As always, direct your specific questions to your doctor and dentist.
Your parish nurse, Linda Golembiewski, wishes you good heart and tooth wellness!

St. Marcus School:

St. Marcus School is a national leader in urban Christian education, discipling children for Christ now and for eternity. Work beyond the classroom seeks to empower individuals, children and families to overcome challenges to reach their full potential. Learn how to get involved